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Mental Health Psychosocial Support and Protection (MHPSS-P) Head of Department MBA / MSc / MA Job

2024-05-31 08:49   Medical / Healthcare   Abuja   15 views
Job Details

Key Responsibilities

For comprehension and continuous, systematic and satisfactory monitoring by the field teams of the humanitarian situation in MHPSS and of the intervention context
For collecting and analysis of the MHPSS humanitarian situation
For internal/external transmission and transmission to the head office of the collected and analysed information
For the definition and quality of mission sectoral strategy document in agreement with the ACF international and national frameworks
For his/her contribution to the mission strategy and the ACFIN sectoral strategy
For integration of the MHPSS sector with the other technical sectors (FSL, NUT, WASH)
For monitoring of implementation of the MHPSS mission strategy, its revision and its accountability
For supply of the technical and operational advocacy of the mission, of the region and the head office (in agreement with the advocacy objectives defined by the ACF reference documents)
For identification of the sectoral advocacy themes specific to the mission in connection with the Country Director

Example of tasks:

Monitor the general indicators
Check that the key indicators of ACF in MHPSS are monitored and analyzed over the area of intervention
Appropriate the technical strategies and positioning produced by the head office
Write the MHPSS sections of the mission strategy
Share and undertake consistency of the strategy with the other sectors
Share and explain the mission strategy with all of the teams of the MHPSS department
Ensure that the international, national and ACF documents are present on the mission, appropriate them and share them with the MHPSS teams
Plan the internal evaluations linked to respect of the international standards
Organize the contingency plan workshop for the MHPSS section and participate in the consolidation meetings at the level of the mission
Coordinate with the other Department Managers in order to ensure the best impact of the projects by way of integration
Define and manage gathering of the strategy monitoring indicators
Collect the data and information on the humanitarian situation and the MHPSS sector formalizing them and send them to the appropriate channels (Country Director, Region, Head Office Referent)
Propose MHPSS technical advocacy themes on the mission
Write or consolidate reports on the themes retained, in association with the Country Director
Define a circulation plan for the sectoral advocacy of the mission
Interact with the sectoral coordination on the dominant themes of MHPSS advocacy

Mission 2: To coordinate the identification of needs and the formulation of project proposals

The MHPSS Head of Department is responsible:

For the coordination of identification of the humanitarian needs in MHPSS
For the formulation, financing and implementation of the feasibility study of the MHPSS projects (public, technical, socioeconomic, cultural and environmental health)
For the involvement of the Logistical and Finance departments in definition/validation of the MHPSS projects
For contributing to the canvassing of donors for his/her sector and ensuring technical exchanges with the identified donors
For his/her participation at the request of the Deputy Country Director, Country Director or the Field Coordinator to visits to donors
For the realization of the MHPSS sections of the project proposals in accordance with the formats and the timescales of the donors

Examples of Tasks:

Define, coordinate and manage evaluations of the MHPSS requirements in the project zone and the related zones
Coordinate and/or write evaluation reports on the needs, feasibility and donor proposals
Consult the Managers of the Finance and Logistics Departments within the context of the project proposals
Meet and/or accompany the Country Director/Deputy Country Director with the sectoral donors
Consolidate or write these MHPSS sections of the project proposals
Validate the MHPSS project proposals submitted by the mission
Draw up/update the donors’ portfolio
Accompany donors on field visits at the request of the Country Director/Deputy Country Director

Mission 3: To support implementation and carry out reporting on programmes/projects

The MHPSS Head of Department is responsible:

For the validation of the key steps and methodologies of the project's implementation (chronogram, systematic Baseline survey (original/final), technical studies, invitations to tender, specifications, community approach, external evaluations….)
For technical support (direct and remote) for the ACF MHPSS team with sharing of information or alerts with the Field Coordinator, and for the ACF’s partners MHPSS team
For the creation and the supervision of monitoring and evaluation systems and the integration of their results to ensure improvement of the projects
For validation, within the deadlines, of the MHPSS sections of the internal reports and the donor reports, as well as project amendments with the contribution of the teams

Examples of tasks:

Validate the methodologies and documents produced by the Programme Managers
Visit the projects regularly and interact functionally with the Managers of the Programmes
Train the field teams on Monitoring & Evaluation, in assessment of the indicators, and in their compilation
Support the Field Coordinator in monitoring of the PRAs (Preliminary Risk Analyses) (quantitative and narrative), carry out feedback on the technical issues and record any malfunctions observed in the progress report
Propose action plans and solutions to ensure the smooth progress of the programmes
Write the technical sections in the narratives of the donor reports by the Programme Managers, validate them and ensure their coherence
Consolidate the technical parts of the reports prior to submission to the donors
Request technical support from the head office Referent (tool, methodology, innovation, sharing of experience….)
Prepare the missions of evaluation of needs/of projects (TOR, recruitment of experts, if need be, briefings)

Mission 4: To guarantee the quality and accountability of the projects

The MHPSS Head of Department is responsible:

For the technical conformity of the programmes with the rules, orientations and international technical standards, the framework documents and the technical works of ACF
For encouraging overall quality of implementation of the projects to maximize their impact (See DAC (Development Assistance Committee) criteria of the OCDE) for the ACF MHPSS team and ACF partners
For guaranteeing respect of the SPHERE, IASC and WHO, national and international standards
For the technical quality of the projects by means of specific ACF monitoring (project quality, field visits, external audits…)
For issue and monitoring of the technical recommendations
For alerts from the Deputy Country Director and Technical Referent regarding any major difficulties encountered on application of the recommendations and/or adaptation measures which are imposed
For alerting the Deputy Country Director and requesting application of the principle of precaution in the event of a major risk in terms of public health
For the promotion of external and internal evaluations of the projects, in line with the ACF Evaluation policy
For the promotion of complaint mechanisms focusing on the transparency and ethics of the projects, in particular with the assisted populations
For the promotion of safety measures for the personnel and the populations in implementation of the MHCPGP projects in collaboration with the Programme Manager and the Logistics Department for ACF and ACF’s partners team

Examples of tasks:

Check that the projects’ technical suitability are consistent with the internal framework documents and the sectoral technical literature
Validate that they comply with the standards (ACF, SPHERE, IASC, WHO, national standards…)
Carry out field visits and produce visit reports containing the technical and implementation recommendations
Supply the project quality for the mission with the internal and external recommendations
Request ad hoc technical support from the head office Referent (tools, methodology, innovation, sharing of experience, or alerts in the event of lack of skills on technical subjects….)
Write the Terms of Reference for visits from MHPSS&P Referents from the head office and from the internal Assessors
Judiciously include in the project proposals the project’s external evaluations
Prepare the external evaluation missions for the projects (Terms of Reference in accordance with the guidelines of ACF, briefings and field support)
Validate the recommendations produced by the assessors and rewrite them into the good practices in the projects
Ensure that the project proposals integrate the complaint mechanisms and train the teams in this participatory methodology
Check respect of the rules drawn up during field visits

Mission 5: To ensure the active involvement of ACF in the national sectoral coordination, the technical platforms and develop sectoral partnerships

The MHPSS Head of Department is responsible:

For representing ACF and for undertaking relationships with the partners, the authorities, the agencies of the United Nations and the NGOs in his/her sector
For interaction with the regional sectoral Coordination
For the contribution of ACF to various action plans in the MHPSS sector (Consolidated Appeal Process, Flash Appeal, Inter-Agency Contingency Plan, national sector strategy, etc.)
For technical communication (internal and external) over the MHPSS projects in association with the Deputy Country Director/Field Coordinator/Country Director
For promotion of sectoral partnerships (civil society, NGOs, authorities, private sector...) and the strengthening of their capacities

Examples of tasks:

Establish a parallel between the coordination platforms, participate in coordination and strategic work group meetings and share information prior to projects and after completion of projects
Become familiarized with the procedures of the Clusters and/or Working Groups (protection and mental health) and train the mission
Participate in writing documents linked to humanitarian funding and to the national strategies
Meet and get to know the key actors in the MHPSS sector at the national, authorities, Ministries and UN organisations level, etc., so as to ensure the inclusion of ACF as a renowned actor and influence of the domain
Organize training workshops and projects focusing on the sector partners
Identify and promote partnerships with the local partners (national NGOs in particular)
Participate in drawing up operational partnerships in accordance with the ACF partnership policy
Propose to the head office technical articles for internal and external publication…

Mission 6: To manage the teams

The MHPSS head of department is responsible:

For the dimensioning and recruitment of his/her team
For the operational and/or hierarchical management of his/her team
For evaluation of the technical performance of all of the MHPSS teams (Programme Manager, Deputy MHPSS Head of Department, Expert)
For development of the mission’s MHPSS skills

Examples of tasks:

Participate in the recruitment of National Programme Managers or be involved in selection of the expatriates (definition of profiles, interviews and/or additional tests, with technical matching to the project context)
Contribute to the writing of HR Expatriate requests in the technical sections (job description, technical recruitment criteria, writing of action plans)
Write and follow up the MHPSS&P department action plan
Contribute to the writing and monitoring of individual action plans for the MHPSS department
Participate in evaluation interviews for the members of his/her hierarchical and operational team
Identify the technical training needs of the national and expatriate teams in collaboration with the HR department Head of Department
Identify the possible local and regional technical training resources in collaboration with the HR department
Provide technical support to the teams (visits, training sessions, circulation of good practices…)
Request technical support from the head office for strengthening his/her capacities and/or those of his/her teams

Mission 7: To promote capitalization, development, technology and research in the MHPSS department

The MHPSS Head of Department is responsible:

For capitalization of the MHPSS sector at the level of the mission, its centralization and to have it channeled at the head office (technical developments, pilot projects, innovative or little-documented approaches, operational approaches which could act as a benchmark for the ACF network, successes/failures, contextual analyses, etc.)
For supervision of the capitalization work of the ACF MHPSS team
For sharing of experience with the actors of the MHPSS sector in the country and the region
For continuity of the MHPSS knowledge and history of the mission
For putting into effect new approaches proposed by the head office or on the mission
For feedback on the technical and research development needs to the head office and implementation of the project proposals to this effect (notably by means of the response to calls for internal research projects at ACF)
For implementation of the research projects
For exploration of scientific and technical partnership modalities (laboratories, universities, research centers, institutions, private sector…)
For development of his/her technical skills in line with the sector’s evolution

Examples of tasks:

Reference the works constructed by ACF in the national database, shared with the reference authoritie
Encourage documentation of experiences by the MHPSS teams
Validate the capitalization documents, finalize them, and send them to the head office
Circulate the relevant documents in the MHPSS networks of the country and of the region
Identify the technical research and development avenues and needs
Coordinate the funded research projects
Support and document the innovations carried out on the projects
Identify research partnerships if relevant (universities for example)
Participate in seminars and symposia at the national and international level with a view to improving the mission’s practices
Organize department meetings on the technical constraints of the projects and discuss them with the head office Referents and formulate recommendations
Write and submit a mission/handover report and a photo CD at the end of his/her mission
Ensure that each expatriate Programme Manager leaving the mission documents his/her experience with a technical handover or end of mission report (in addition to any sponsor reports)

Mission 8: Guarantee and ensure the confidentiality of data collected during the MHPSS&P activities of the mission

The MHPSS Head of Department is responsible:

Ensure data confidentiality, ownership of project beneficiaries and ACF
Guarantee the confidentiality of clinical interviews / individual or group counselling with the psychologists in charge

Position Requirement:

Education: Master’s degree or PhD in clinical psychology; or in psychology; or in psychiatry

Type of professional experience:

At least 3 years of professional experience and 2 years of humanitarian field experience with an (I)NGO
At least 1 year in a managerial role or a supervisor role
Experience working in different context and settings (urban areas, rural areas, in volatile security context, in development and emergency settings …)
Experience in working and supervising external partners’ team

Company Description
Action Against Hunger | ACF International, a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger, works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.