Smash Group is a combination of almost a decade of visionary leadership, hard work and dedication from many experienced and committed men and women, aligned in the purpose-driven goal to make our world better through initiative means.Today, we are proud to be heavily invested in major sectors of the countrys economy through our subsidiaries which are essential to the Nigerian market. Our subsidiaries include SmashInvest, SmashProperty, SmashLogistics, SmashCredit, SmashRides, SmashTransport and SmashFood.

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Smash Group

Customer Service Executive - Smash Group

2021-11-22 12:19   Customer service / Communication   Lagos Bachelor's Degree   ₦-- per Full-time
Job DescriptionCustomer Service Executives are often client’s primary point of contact with a company at such, they are charged with creating a lasting good impression of the comp...
Smash Group

General Manager -- Smash Group

2021-11-22 11:10   Administrative / Management   Lagos Relevant Educational Qualifications   ₦-- per Full-time
Job DescriptionA General Manager is tasked with overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions, training Heads of Departments, managing budgets, develo...